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Become a VICC Ambassador

Get Involved with The VICC (Vaughan International Centre for Commercialization).

This initiative was launched publicly yesterday at Vaughan City Hall and takes a new spin on corporate mash-ups and public-private partnerships.

Encouraging foreign innovation-led businesses to use Vaughan as a test-bed, host and launchpad into the N. American market, as well as local businesses to expand their horizons overseas, this entire initiative depends on local Vaughan businesses and instituions to drive the momentum.

When you register as an ambassador, you commit to a growing network that is indexed to Vaughan’s Economic Development. If you have taken a look at Vaughan’s plans over the next 5 years, this will provide you with a compelling incentive to get involved.

Learn more here.

Join up here.

Written By   Jon|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Become a VICC Ambassador
Written By   Jon|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Become a VICC Ambassador

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