Jon Sherrington

Owner, Strategist, Writer – Hydrogen Creative Inc.

May 1996 – Present

My role is to provide strategic marketing guidance to clients to ensure their objectives are attainable, remain in focus and the communications solutions work.

My expertise is in how to realign goals-oriented brands, products, services or businesses to customer values to build loyalty, frequency and continuity.


The Importance of a Board Meeting Reminder

A board meeting reminder is a useful method of ensuring that participants are both informed and ready for a scheduled event. The email reminder for the meeting contains important information such as the title of the meeting, its time, date and location, and any agenda items. It also serves as a pleasant reminder for attendees to review and organize their schedules. Sending reminders to meetings, including the initial notices, and subsequent reminders as the event is nearer, helps participants to be accountable and emphasizes the significance of the scheduled event.

The most effective meeting reminder emails begin with a polite greeting by expressing gratitude and acknowledging the recipient’s commitment. The purpose of the meeting is then communicated clearly, and can include decision making, collaboration and brainstorming, or disseminating. The goal of the meeting is essential to aligning participants and avoiding miscommunication or oversights. A concise and clear agenda helps participants…

VDR Solutions Review

As one of the fastest growing industries in the current market mergers and acquisitions demand effective management of huge volumes of confidential documents. Virtual data rooms have dramatically expedited this process through central document management, increasing collaboration and helping facilitate centralized document management. They have made it easier to streamline M&A as well as other processes that are tedious like filing an initial public offering or market scouting.

The best VDR providers also make it simple to examine and audit documents and their access settings. This gives users the confidence that sensitive data is secure from unintentional access. For instance, many online data rooms permit multiple lawyers to review and monitor access to documents and make sure that only the relevant ones are scrutinized in the course of due diligence.

VDR Solutions Review

We’ve reviewed and analyzed various data rooms online to help companies locate the best deal rooms…

How to Build a Successful Online Business

Whether you’re looking to add an extra stream of income or substitute your full-time job with a profitable online business There are many opportunities for young entrepreneurs to explore. From retail and services to ecommerce and digital products, online businesses can provide numerous ways to earn money. To ensure that you earn a profit, is important to determine the depth of the field you’ve picked and the competition of a specific product or service. In addition, you’ll have to choose a reputable credit card processor, and then implement the appropriate technology for your online business model.

The most successful online businesses make use of your strengths and address a real issue. They also are able to scale. This could be in the form of online education, specialized subscriptions, or specialized freelance work. Whatever your business strategy, the crucial factor to success is executing with precision and setting…

Using Data Room Software to Support Due Diligence in M&A Deals

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The majority of people think of data rooms as a tool employed in the due diligence phase of M&A transactions. There are many other ways businesses can utilize data room software to safely share information. It is crucial to locate an option that will provide security, scalability, and ease of use for all of your file sharing needs. In addition, the cost should be affordable for your business in order to avoid budgetary constraints from hindering you from using the tool.

Choosing the best virtual data room can help your business to achieve its goals as well as reduce the stress of high stakes transactions. When you are looking for a service make sure you review the platform from various sources and look for testimonials that describe how it helped others in similar situations. Also, look at the list of features and see if they meet…

Virtual Data Rooms – The Pros and Cons of VDRs

Virtual data rooms are a great solution for businesses that require to share sensitive data securely and in a private manner. A VDR can help any deal that requires sharing confidential documents easier, whether your company is trying to sell itself, raise funds or work with investors and partners. Modern VDRs are less expensive than free file-sharing programs and offer practical features like the ability to grant permissions to documents and digital files encryption, audit trails and dynamic watermarking which enables users to be identified with their login ID or device.

Virtual data rooms are often utilized for due diligence. The buyer must look over many documents before they are able to sign off on the transaction. However, VDRs can also be used by life science companies to share results of clinical trials, HIPAA compliance and licensing IP. The real property and immovable properties industry can also benefit from a…

Choosing the Best Virtual Data Room for M&A

When it concerns M&A, a reputable virtual data room can play a crucial role in helping facilitate the process. With the number of VDRs available on the market, picking the best one can be a difficult task.

The most effective VDRs for M&A include a variety of features that assist in managing bidding, due diligence, and contract negotiations. They also facilitate collaboration in M&A processes and improve the security of documents. These features include user-friendly interfaces, streamlined management, and round-the-clock customer assistance.

A virtual dataroom that has an intuitive interface makes it easy to share files and collaborate. It can also help reduce the reliance on email and create a more secure environment. In addition, a VDR can ensure that documents are not shared with unsuitable individuals. It also provides an extensive set of permission settings as well as other features, such as watermarking, that protects sensitive data from being stolen.


Investment and Funds

There’s something gratifying about accumulating money over time to put aside for a long-term goal. There are many different investments to choose from and each has an opportunity to earn a return that could beat inflation. But it’s important to consider the various kinds of investments and how they are a good fit with your financial goals overall and your level of tolerance for risk.

Investment and funds

A fund is an investment that pools your funds and the money of other investors and invests it in a variety of assets. This helps to spread your risk because you’re not relying on the performance of one asset type. For example an UK Equity Fund would consist of shares issued by various British companies.

There are also funds with a variety of kinds of assets, or specific areas. There’s a fund for each investor, no matter the level of their expertise and investment…

How to Make Money on the Internet

If you are gifted with a expertise, such as data entry, writing or teaching you can earn money online by working on client projects. Many people make money online through monetizing their websites with ads. This can be time consuming and requires technical knowledge.

Selling your own products is another option to earn money. For instance, if are skilled at editing resumes, you could edit and sell your services on websites like Upwork. If you’re a photographer, you can sell your Lightroom presets. You can also earn money selling your old clothes through platforms like Poshmark or Depop. Just be careful not to turn your passion into an full-time job and burn out. See our article on how to avoid this error.

The Board Room

In the boardroom, important decisions are made. It is usually a place where individuals outside the company can validate business policy decisions that can impact or change the lives of shareholders, employees and customers. In the end, from a legal perspective it is essential that the information and documentation of the discussions and debates occur in as to allow the company can defend its decisions.

A boardroom is the meeting space for the board of directors of a company, a group of people chosen by shareholders to manage the company. Board members are charged with maintaining a strong relationship with the CEO and other high-level executives, formulating business strategies and maintaining the integrity of the corporation.

While a boardroom is the ideal location to hold these meetings, it isn’t necessary for every organization to have one. A simple meeting room can be sufficient for meetings that require a small group. Modern…

8 Things You Wish to know To Grasp Philippine Girls

The things we do is empower our readers with the devices and data they want to associated with mandatory adjustments, buy Japanese bride conquer their questions, and get the connection they’ve always wished for. Right here we’ll talk about a quantity of tales of men and women that have satisfied their soulmates on-line among thousands of offshore singles. You understand Revolve for the chic and horny apparel, however you might possibly not have thought of all of them in words of seeking out your wedding halloween costume….

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