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Health Canada Physical Activity Guides For Children & Youth


How do you combat a major cause of child obesity – compulsive TV and video game consumption?


Entertain and educate the child. Then provide support tools to health practitioners, teachers and parents to help support the child’s self-motivation to increase physical activity.


Publish magazines and online educational games to create incentives and rewards for physical activity that are fun and age appropriate to the 6-9 and 10-14 age ranges. Publish parent, teacher and health practitioner guides as backgrounders and initiators for behavioral change.


The guides were launched to the public and the predicted annual inventory was cleared out within the first 2 months. By the end of the first year 1.3 million guides had been issued. Consumer polled survey feedback after 15 months stated overwhelmingly that parents had engaged the guides with their children to introduce a physical activity regime into their program.

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