Rebranding America: who’s buying?


Rebranding America: who’s buying?

From a marketing perspective the dramatic shift in how the world perceives America since it downgraded its rhetoric with Syria is an interesting study in the potential risks of rebranding, without fully determining the consequences across all your customer segments.

Politically speaking, America has, like any other country, 2 markets – domestic and export.

My interpretation of its brand message (since 1942) for export markets was: “WE TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY.” Its brand message to its domestic market was: “FEND FOR YOURSELF.” That dual aggression translated into US commercial domination of global markets from the ‘50s through to the ‘90s.

My interpretation of the current domestic brand message for America is: “WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN” (as demonstrated by Healthcare reforms and quantitative easing). Its export brand message could be similarly interpreted as “WE DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED UNLESS IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.” It could be said that this was a reversion to America’s brand pre-1942.

I have no political agenda. I am simply interested in who is buying?

Domestically, US Government is shutdown through partisanship and the economic decline is skirting a fiscal cliff. In export markets, every country that recognized America as the ‘come out swinging’, ‘save the day’ brand is feeling the void and the main beneficiaries seem to be America’s ideological competition.

In 1942 America became a hero on the world stage. The arch-nemesis of USSR helped it mold its hero brand into a powerful marketing weapon both politically and economically. How does the hero transition into a stay-at-home family man? Is this not a cautionary tale to all marketers how to consider the broader implication of rebranding? Something to think about.


Written By   Jon|Advertising Truths, Brand Integrity|Comments Off on Rebranding America: who’s buying?
Written By   Jon|Advertising Truths, Brand Integrity|Comments Off on Rebranding America: who’s buying?

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