1 – Strategy

Gaining Perspective: If it’s not 360° it’s not real. This is why we dig into the competition, market trends, what your customers are saying about you and cross-reference this to your own claims. A strategy is only as strong as the information it is built upon.

Building Empathy: Customers make choices that match their values. We have a great mnemonic for this: A.C.C.E.P.T. (Achievement, Convenience, Comfort, Esteem, Pleasure, Trust). We need to understand how these values relate to your product or service from a customer perspective. Read more about in our blog

Nailing the delivery: All our creative, from ideation, message, visualization, graphics, and media is ingrained with these elements of Perspective and Empathy in relation to your category and your brand. This is what gets our high-quality creative noticed and remembered by your target audience.

2 – Creative Development

All our creative from ideation, message, visualization and graphics is developed within our own nucleus of talent at Hydrogen Creative Inc. Everything ties back to the strategy and we integrate across all media platforms for strength and consistency.

We take delight in diversity, which explains how we have encompassed so many fields and industries. The diversity of our work makes our creative contribution more robust and professional, built on seasoned expertise in all genres of creative design and marketing.

3 – Production

Our relationship with our production teams spans the years. In printing, programming and translation we have focused on building quality, trust, and value with significant partners. We are exacting and demanding, but, above all, fair. In consideration of this and the fact that we pay on time, we get first-class service and pass this on to our clients for flawless, professional delivery.

4 – Implementation

Delivery is only the first step. Hydrogen Creative has over 50 years of hands-on experience in implementing marketing programs to sales, channel and direct to customers. Ongoing maintenance, training, tracking, updates and reporting are part of a continuing relationship that is always focused on your goals.