Jon Sherrington

Owner, Strategist & Writer

It’s not easy to wear so many hats, but Jon wears a 7 ¾ hat size, which makes for plenty of room. Jon is a huge believer in the customer perspective and is a brilliant reinterpreter brand values to customer values. This begins with strategy formulation, evolves into messaging and becomes the crux of the marketing and creative innovation to emerge.

Over the course of the past 20 years Jon has steered clients like IBM, Scotiabank, Compaq, Health Canada, Interac, Dell, Thermos and Scotts into harbours of success for their brands, services and initiatives.

Arriving in Toronto in 1991 from London England, Jon found a vibrant creative community and set to work with a team of graphic designers to translate client marketing requirements into creative marketing solutions. His capacity to think 360◦ around a problem makes him a vital lynchpin to keep the wheel of marketing always steering in the right direction.

Jon has also donned the professorial hat at York University, by invitation, and is a self-published author on the subject of customer-centric marketing. So Jon is a hat-stand, a pilot, a wingnut and a don.