Grand Gateway

Grand Gateway Shopping Mall,Shanghai Bridge St.Branding


To brand and theme an entertainment destination called Bridge St. at a new Shanghai Mega-Mall with 15 different venues.


Create a fusion of Western and Eastern culture using names that work in both languages Western and infuse East-West design themes into the ambience of the Mall.


A diner, café, nightclub, rock venue, laser tag, maze, video arcade, fairground stalls, soft-toy playroom, sports room, mini-golf, cinema and rocket simulator were all coined with names that had strong associations in both cultures. ‘Dome’, ‘Heat’, ‘Fire’, ‘X-Force’, ‘Bump-o-Jump’ were all given very different treatments to appeal to the broadest demographic. All the design work and specifications for the branding, signage and murals were created in Toronto and shipped to Shanghai for production.


Due to changes in management and ownership we are not able to get published results of the net revenue per sq. ft. increase, or traffic counts. The images you see below were taken just prior to the Grand Opening event. However Grand Gateway is promoted worldwide through tourist information web sites for its entertainment destinations and attractions, and has been open and operating successfully since 2005, at which time our work began.

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