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Scotts Canada Integrated Retail Brand Marketing


Scotts had just added Green Cross Pesticides and Miracle-Gro Plant fertilizer brands to its TurfBuilder Lawn product family and faced the challenge of integrating these very different brand values to increase its share of the shopping cart against competing brands.


Our strategy was not to view each brand by its chemistry (i.e. this kills, that grows) or by its category (weeds, grass, plants). We chose to focus on the complete health of the lawn and garden and communicate integrated solutions that support the customer’s goals.


The campaign launched with ‘Ready, Set, Grow’, a seasonal, results-oriented program, featuring tips, solutions, a garden planner and a visual demonstration of how the entire family of product solutions uniquely supported the customer’s goals in a lawn and garden setting. We then installed Point-of-purchase merchandising information in the different store shelf locations that tied the brand family together and cross-referenced the different aisles. The merchant catalog focused on building incentives to the store of increasing the shopping cart through value-add,cross branded sales. A full gardener diary was also distributed to customers to take the message to the next level.


Scotts was successful in being able to leverage the individual brand equity of each product label to drive up sales across the board through a holistic solutions presentation.

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